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The Right Side

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The Right Side: Liberal Kryptonite
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The ORIGINAL Moderator: Tekyuinajar
The OTHER Moderator: MightyRighty (Hollie)

NOTE: Following the victory of Bush into a second term, I've lifted the restrictions of swearing, flaming, etc. on therightside. My thought is that we might as well get it out now and in a fashion filled with much jubilation. Rant, rave, ramble off topic. Begin the venting and give into the sweet, glorious release. A taste of life in the Democratic Underground, but without taking the short bus to school. ;)

Behold, the right side as in the RIGHT side. This both implies that it is correct and conservative. Huzzah! A warm and fuzzy place for conservatives, while an open forum for all who trespass... Er, I mean, visit :)

However, this place has some VERY lax restrictions. Debates are welcome, Liberals are tolerated (within reason), Republicans are applauded and all are welcome to join. We WOULD appreciate it, however, if you would keep your posts confined around political ideals, politics in general and current events. Rant posts are perfectly acceptable provided they relate to something that might lead to discussion on the topic.

There is an admitted moderator bias (did you guess I'm a Republican yet?), but as long as the discusssion flows more like a debate rather than a gradeschool quarrel I shall not interfere.

A note from the OTHER moderator - LordofDark:

Eh, I used to have restrictions, but just as Tekyuinjar said, we have the President for another four years, so screw the restrictions.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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