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Previous Entry Farenhype 9/11 Aug. 12th, 2008 @ 02:15 am Next Entry

Hey ya'll, apparently it has been awhile. I've been too busy drowning in work and steeping in the dread of the coming change in school going from journalism to law. That aside, I came across the amusing named Farenhype 911 and gave it a watch. To get the full effect, I sat through Michael Moore's less-than-stellar attempt at an unbiased representation of the truth during a terrifying time in our nation's history.

Imagine my glee when I sought a trailer for the delightful documentary and instead found the film itself cut into bite size Youtube chunks! I'm personally an advocate of owning the film outright because in addition to debunking years of damage that Moore has capitalized upon, it gently plucks at the patriotic strings of our hearts and instead of adding fuel to a fire of anger it quenches a thirst for understanding and leaves the viewer with a confidence to objectively view Moore and his works for what they are.

This shall, I hope, be another post of many to come. I have neglected this place for far too long and I find that the more I look into law, the more I find myself embroiled in heavy political debate and discussion and there's no place I find more comforting for this than here.
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